Hypnotherapy Myths and FAQs

How does hypnotherapy differ from traditional psychotherapy (aka talk therapy)? Hypnotherapy quiets the judgment of the conscious mind long enough to access the answers in the subconscious mind, your Ďah hasí as it were. If we have held judgment about any of our feelings then the subconscious is not going to volunteer its version of the experience only to be subjected to further ridicule. The example would be any vulnerable child who is frequently put down over time will limit its sharing to its caregiver. For everything that you have in your life, it is because you got your conscious and subconscious mind to line up together. Anytime we feel discord inside, it is likely these two minds are having a different experience that hasnít been reconciled

Is hypnotherapy an ĎalternativeĒ psychological therapy? No. Hypnotherapy has been an approved practice in the AMA (American Medical Association) and the APA (American Psychological Association) since 1963 through the help of a famous psychiatrist hypnotherapist, Dr. Milton Erickson.

How do I know if I can be hypnotized? If hypnotherapy is a focused trance state, any one who is capable of focused attention and truly wants some help in their life can and will be hypnotized. It is said that most people are in Ďauto-pilotí 97% of their dayÖ.that is a form of trance, making it just another form of trance to have hypnotherapy. So the answer is approximately 97% of people can be hypnotized. The critical factor between the conscious and subconscious mind will be gently relaxed in hypnotherapy only if the client wishes it to be and the subconscious mind feels it will be safe for that person to know the information held by the subconscious. Those persons with high control or high safety needs often will benefit from just talking to me and getting acquainted the first session and having their concerns discussed and questions answered about hypnotherapy. Those clients often choose hypnotherapy for part of their second session.

What are organized religionsí view of hypnotherapy? There are no faiths that reject or denounce hypnotherapy. It doesnít open your mind to any spiritual attack because you are merely accessing deeper parts of yourself, not the outside world.

What are your hours of operation? Monday - Friday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

How do I contact you? I welcome phone calls and questions. Please feel free to call me at (509) 448-5660. Again, thank you for considering hypnotherapy and Heartfelt Counseling and Hypnotherapy as your possible option to better health and happiness.

What if my insurance company says they donít cover hypnotherapy? Most people are not aware that insurance companies are NOT liable for the accuracy of the answers their telephone customer service lines share with their members. Several people, including well intentioned MDs still think hypnotherapy is an alternative therapy and therefore not covered by outpatient mental health insurance benefits, but that answer is incorrect. If you have outpatient mental health (or commonly called behavioral health outpatient visits) under your insurance contract, and wish to use your insurance, seek a certified clinical hypnotherapist that takes your insurance. Your insurance will only cover licensed mental health practitioners which will limit hypnotherapists that donít already have a medical or masters degree. I am a licensed hypnotherapist (HP 60113676). Call meÖ(509) 448-5660.

Whatís my responsibility if I choose to use my mental health benefits of my health insurance? I recommend that you get the answers to the following five questions (preferably thru your planís web site or most recent plan booklet knowing that the telephone service advice is not legally binding to the insurance company):

  • How many outpatient mental health visits do I get in a benefit year?

  • What does my insurance benefit year run (Ex: May-April, Jan-Dec)?

  • Do I have a deductible before my benefits kick in?

  • Does my plan require my primary doctor to write a referral?

  • Does my plan require me to fax or send the referral in to my insurance company in order to get a file claim # to be used when the insurance company is billed?


Thank you for your interest in hypnotherapy and
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